A great step forward for VRM at SIAF 2015

Trenčín, September 3, 2015 – The biggest local event of the year for aviation public, Slovak International Air Fest 2015 (SIAF 2015), took place during the last weekend of August in Sliač, a Slovak Air Force Base. VRM made its presence count by sharing a booth in the VIP sector together with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.  The objective was for both companies to use the opportunity and promote their products and core business activities to a wider professional audience as well as general public attending the Air Fest.

At SIAF Mr. Martin Glváč, the Slovak Minister of Defense, announced that in conjunction with the procurement of 9 Black Hawk helicopters from the U.S. Government the Slovak Ministry of Defense is about to sign an agreement with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation that will help form the basis for a unique simulation training center to train Black Hawk helicopter pilots.  Mrs. Caroline Vandedrinck, the Vice President of Sikorsky for Europe and Central Asia stated that based on the Framework Agreement to be signed with the Slovak MoD Sikorsky will deliver to Slovakia an industrial content that will include state-of-the-art UH-60M Black Hawk full flight simulator and possibly other training aids.  The simulator will be delivered in close cooperation with VRM and will serve the Slovak Air Force as well as other Black Hawk operators in Europe. 

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