VRM participated at GLOBSEC 2014

Trenčín, May 23, 2014 – Virtual Reality Media a.s. (VRM), producer of simulation technology, participated at the Global Security Forum GLOBSEC 2014, held on May 14 through 16, 2014, in Bratislava, Slovakia.

For almost a decade, GLOBSEC has been giving a Central European twist to the strategic debate on transatlantic foreign policy and security. With the participation of over 800 stakeholders from more than 60 countries, GLOBSEC is today one of the most visible and vibrant foreign policy and security platforms in Europe and North America. The main topic of the conference was the situation in Ukraine. Other topics included the European Parliament elections, the “rise and fall” of political Islam, the future of the EU’s Eastern Partnership and developments in the Western Balkans. During the show we have promoted simulation solutions of our synthetic training devices for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, ground simulators and training devices.

VRM was main partner of the event as the only Slovak defense industry company. General Director of VRM Vladimír Šimanský discussed prospective projects of defense and industrial co-operation in the region at one of the panel discussions. Panelists discussed common acquisitions in Visegrad as the key to successful defense co-operation in the region and ways to enable local industries to benefit from it. VRM presented its initiative on the V4 level to support existing training assets, participate in production of new flight training devices for newly acquired aircrafts in V4 countries and to coordinate the V4 simulation industry in support of the joint flight training initiative within the V4. VRM provides flexibility in providing highly customer tailored solutions, reliability and cost effectiveness thanks to the set of technical skills and know-how which was developed during 20 years in the simulation business.

VRM is the premium supplier of simulation and training systems, providing qualified training, installation and services as well as comprehensive support through the life-cycle of the delivered simulators. VRM is member of SYNERCO SA. SYNERCO SA is a partnership consisting from Virtual Reality Media, a.s. (VRM), Slovak company and Aeronautical System Engineering (ASE), US based company. SYNERCO SA is headquartered in Fribourg, Switzerland.

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VRM and ASE are members of SYNERCO consortium 



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