L-39 Advanced Flight SImulator

The Letov-39 aircraft was manufactured in the early 1990's as a Czech Light Combat trainer, and is still being used for flight & combat training by many countries around the world. The L-39 simulator's cockpit & instrument panels are manufactured from a real L-39 aircraft and presents the illusion of flight in a real aircraft. With the L-39 simulator, you can train pilots from the basic flight level up to the weapons-handling, combat and advanced tactical level exercises.

The features of L-39 simulator are:
Real-time modules simulations simulating engine, motion cues, movements, visual cues, audio, flight controls, etc. A realistic representation of the L-39 cockpit. Display of attributes on instruments corresponds to attributes in real ircraft Control of simulator by stick, engine throttle and pedals corresponds to the real aircraft 6-Degree of Freedom motion platform simulates all possible vibrations and movements during any given flight environment Simulation of noise corresponds the noise in the real aircraft Field of view from the cockpit is comparable to the real aircraft Simulator behavior during taxiing approximates the real taxiing Canopy control by pilot and position signalization is the same as in the real aircraft Pre-flight preparation procedures work in the same way on the simulator Fire control system and weapons simulations are same as in the real aircraft All possible emergencies and procedures are simulated.


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