Mi17 - Cockpit Procedures Trainer

The device is physically simple, but with a sophisticated, comprehensive simulation package which is derived from a our full flight simulator model.

It provides for excellent flexibility in training of basic normal, abnormal and emergency procedures. The Simulated outputs and flight characteristics respond to the ones in real Mi-17. The CPT uses three PC computers, mounted under the pedestal floor:
The cockpit includes a base frame, a structure to position the LCD panels, two seats and a single set of flight controls on the Left Side. Eleven, touch screen, LCD display units are mounted on the structure.

Ten replicated the cockpit panels and controls and the last one presents the visual scene.

The flight controls include:

  • A two-axis cyclic stick
  • A collective stick with a throttle twist grip
  • Rudder pedals

Mi-17 CPT

A CPT is used for a variety of training programs. It is typically used for introducing qualified pilots to a new piece of equipment. There are three versions of the Mi-17 CPT available for training organizations.

Basic CPT

The following procedures can be trained in the basic CPT. A pilot transiting to the Mi would be able to us this device to familiarize him/herself to the cockpit layout, where all of the systems are located and the switches and gauges associated with the systems.

Basic CPT with flight component

The basic CPT with a flight package and single channel, single screen visual system provides an opportunity to perform all of the procedures described above and some basic flight maneuvers, providing a more realistic flight training environment. This advanced model is considered an FAA, level 3, ATD.

Level 5 type CPT

The level 5, flight training device, meets certification standards and provides effective training for pilots in use of an automated flight deck, systems integration and other procedures to include; work load management, situational awareness and decision making all in normal, abnormal and emergency conditions.

The level 5 CPT is ideal for training conducted prior to entering the Full Flight Simulator or actual aircraft. Training programs supported include; Initial Training, Recurrent Training, LOFT Type Scenarios, Crew Resource Management, Multi-Crew Coordination and Pilot Proficiency. In addition, Full Mission and Tactical Training scenarios can be exercised in this training device.

SYNERCO Consortium

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