Flight Simulator for CESSNA CITATION CJ2

According to Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR) the Synthetic Training Device (STD) the Level C Flight Simulator (FS) for Cessna Citation CJ2 is the second highest level of FS performance. It is a full size replica of the real airplane glass cockpit with all equipment necessary to represent the airplane in ground and flight operations to the extent that all normal, abnormal, and emergency operating procedures can be accomplished.

A six-degrees-of freedom synergistic electrical platform motion system provides a force cueing. A daylight/twilight/night 180 degrees horizontal and 40 degrees vertical field of view visual system provides an out of the flight deck view. Control feel dynamics, control forces and displacement characteristics corresponds to that of replicated airplane with the response to control inputs not greater than150 milliseconds. On board Instructor Operation Station enables the operator to control all required system variables and insert all normal, abnormal or emergency conditions in the airplane systems as well as environmental effects including wind shear models to provide training in the specific skills required for recognition of this phenomena and execution of recovery maneuvers. Modeling also includes the effects of airframe and engine icing. To determine compliance with the FS performance a self-testing for FS hardware and programming tests are provided. Test results, statements of compliance and other information are used for the Qualification Test Guide (QTG) document as a primary eference material for evaluation of the FS according to JAR-STD 1A standards.

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